Publishers’ Submissions

Come Join The Indie Comics’ United Front!

If you are an Indie Comics Publisher and want to inquire about joining TRIBE Direct, then we can help put your creations to a new, wider audience.

This site is all about different Indie Comics Publishers coming together and selling their creations as a unified front instead of playing the game of who is better than the rest. A collective of independent publishers who join for fans to see their work in one store is much better than competing against each other and the big two.

Now it’s come to how this store works: TRIBE Direct will place your physical , digital or both on this store. We just ask that you place links on your side to the store. And TRIBE Direct uses a 70/30 ratio. That means you get 70% of the profits you make and 30% will be taken for website fees like hosting and SSL security. Your comics can be any price but TRIBE Direct would really like that your digital creations be at a $0.99 range. That means your digital books should be as a pdf and under 25mb. It can be a special edition or a simple version to meet that price point.

So if you’re ready to make the leap just click below’s link to email us here at TRIBE Direct.

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