• - $3 / 1 Year
    Get all the latest and back digital issues of the TRIBE favorite: The Comic Bug! For a year long subscription that only cost the amount of a single physical issue!
    - $5 / 1 Year
    Get your Spiral Ink Comics very own, Hooded Cobra, for a year with this recurring yearly fee of $5.
    - Free
    No subscription =making purchases directly from store without fees added.
    - $3 / 1 Month
    Get the best of the entire digital library for a better managed subscription. Just $3.00 every month.
    - $8 / 6 Months
    Get a whole half year for only $8! Includes the TRIBE Comics back catalog with this years titles in the 6 month duration.
    - $15 / 1 Year
    Get all of TRIBE Comics back catalog along with this year's newest titles.
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